Be Epic or Be Average
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We Can Train Your Dog
Guaranteed Results

Fast Behavioral Improvements


Serving Orange County and South Bay L.A.
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We'll Get Fast Results with Your Dog

The Epic Dog Pros trainer that will work with your dog will do so according to our values:

  • Integrity - being driven to help dog owners build positive lifelong relationships with their dogs
  • Development - guiding you & your dog along customized training programs to achieve your goals
  • Consistency - using pattern and repetition to create a routine that maximizes success

Empowering you to be the ultimate dog owner and live an Epic Dog Life

Our trainers can train ANY dog in the Orange County and South Bay L.A. areas. Our philosophy and our methods are innovative and interactive, allowing you and your dog to have fun and develop an incredible relationship based on clarity, focus, and trust. 
And Results are Always Guaranteed.

BE EPIC or Be Average


EPIC Dog Training Programs

Results-based training programs customized for your dog

All of our Epic Dog Training Programs are Results Based.
Our programs are priced to fit any budget
& customized for any dog based on your needs.
We don't charge per session and there are no hourly fees!

🇺🇸 Military, Senior and Multi-Dog Discounts 🐾



For the dog owner who wants to be involved in the training and is hungry to learn as much about dog training as possible. We are able to go All In with you making you feel like an Epic Dog Pro, giving you the dog training knowledge, tools, and skills you need live an Epic Dog Life.

EPIC lessoN plan

An interactive dog training program that involves both you and your dog. Your dog will learn obedience and how to properly behave while you learn how to communicate and understand the signals your dog sends you.

Unlimited Group Classes

Group classes are a fantastic way to enhance your dog's obedience training. The distractions of the group during this training brings rapid success, plus your dog will socialize with others, improving its behavior even further. You will be invited to join an exclusive community of responsible dog owners at our weekly Group Classes once you complete one of our Epic Training Programs.


Letting your dog off leash requires trust and control. We take your dog's obedience to the next level with added distance and distractions in real world scenarios, ensuring your dog is trustworthy off leash. We'll give you this control with our effective off-leash training.

EPIC ON-Leash TrainING

Are you tired of your dog pulling your arm off every time you go for a walk? We take the hard part out of dog training by doing all of the work for you. After we get the results we show you how to keep them!

I’ve only been training with the EPIC DOG PROS for a few days and I already see my dogs happier and more obedient than they’ve ever been!
— Steven G.